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If the trial judge ruled against you, or the other side has appealed the judge’s ruling, you should contact the Law Office of Ted Kavrukov.  He is an experienced appeal attorney.  He provides exceptional legal representation on domestic relations appeals.


An appeal from a Circuit Court does not mean a new trial.  Appeal is done on written briefs, written motions, and an oral argument usually before three judges of the appeals court, and usually requires substantial legal research.  You cannot appeal simply because you disagree with the outcome of your case.  Appeals are based on error as to the law or the facts at trial.  The error may be a number of things, including testimony that should not have been heard, evidence that should not have been permitted, improper arguments of an attorney, or a myriad of other possible errors. The rules and requirements for an appeal are technical an complex, and require strict observance of datelines.


Mr. Kavrukov has the skills to succeed on appeals. He is familiar with the appellate process, the applicable rules and requirements.  He researches and effectively writes appeal briefs and motions, and has the experience to craft winning arguments.


If you are considering an appeal, and believe that there was an error committed during trial, call Ted Kavrukov for an appointment for an evaluation of the issues involved, to give you sound legal advise, and provide you with superior legal representation.


Mr. Kavrukov has helped numerous parents change their original court orders to better meet the needs of their changing lives, or the lives of their children. Orders involving child custody, support or visitation may be changed later if the income of one parent increases substantially, the income decreases significantly, there is a remarriage, or one of the parents relocates some distance away from the other parent or some other notable changes occur.

He is available to handle modifications of prior court orders if circumstances have changed.











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