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Ted Kavrukov

Ted Kavrukov has been practicing law in Virginia and the District of Columbia for more than 40 years.  His three decades of experience and expertise allow him to provide superior representation to his clients in family law matters.  He is devoted to the delivery of prompt, aggressive, and quality legal services.  If you are faced with litigation, you can be confident that Mr. Kavrukov will zealously advocate your rights, whether it is a complex divorce or a non-contested divorce proceedings.


Mr. Kavrukov specializes in all aspects of family law, including,  

                ▫  Divorce  

                ▫  Child Custody and Visitation

                ▫  Child Support

                ▫  Spousal Support (Alimony)

                ▫  Property Division (Equitable Distribution)

                ▫  Modification and Enforcement of Orders

                ▫  Separation and Prenuptial Agreements


Mr. Kavrukov understands how painful the divorce process can be to a family.  His goal is to protect your rights, ease the pressure, resolve the legal issues you are facing during your divorce, and make your life more predictable and certain.  Mr. Kavrukov has the experience and the expert resources to handle your case, no matter how complex.  He will guide you through the divorce litigation, listen to your concerns, keep in communication with you, and answer your questions fully and clearly.



If you are thinking about separation or divorce, have started the divorce process, or are considering order modification, contemplating entering into an agreement with your spouse, or are facing any other family law issues, call Ted Kavrukov at 703-864-8822 or send him an e-mail to